Alison Angel Show And Play With Her Pink Pussy

Pretty Blonde Young Girl Alison Angel Show Her Sweet Fresh Pink Pussy

Teen Girl Alison Angel

FTV's favorite model, the gorgeous and always-fun Alison graces the site with an exotic adventure in Maui! She is easy with flashing her sexy body in public places, and goes the length to masturbate in the most unique locations ever shot on FTV. Out at the beach, we get glimpses of her private parts, then she heads over to the Maui Resorts' main hallway and does some acrobatics, while her breasts fall out of her bikini! Then at night, she returns to the exotic pools, and teases us again, risking getting caught... The next day she puts on a sexy red dress, acts like a fashion model, but all the while flashing up her skirt! Then she finds a convention center and heads over to the podium to make a topless speech and masturbate... but gets caught and must move on. Then in a sexy black dress, she tries again to masturbate, and does it right on a table in the middle of the hallway (!) and almost gets to orgasm but a group almost catches her. Then in a yellow dress, she flashes the employees, and moves to the top floor, where she finally has her orgasm with (a little less) interruption. The third day, she travels to the Haleakala Volcano, experiencing each 1000 feet differently, with lots of public nudity fun on the road, until she is at the very top... 10,000 feet... and masturbates at the very highest point of the mountain! She manages to have an orgasm up there (a very satisfying one too). It makes us wonder... is this the worlds 'highest' masturbation video ever??


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