My wife massage and sex story

This wife massage story is mine original.My wife and I have been talking about inviting a male for erotic wife massage and possibly have sex with him. Neither one of us have done this before. We are not in any lifestyle, but the idea of a threesome was very exciting for both of us.Me and my wife, both are open relationship lovers.I would like to invite a female, but at this point my wife feels comfortable with a young male, although she fantasizes about women a lot. I answered an ad on internet for a male (with my wife's blessing) that massages women and couples for a fee. I was not interested in a male giving me a sensual massage but want to watch my wife massage.After a few formal quotes,he came over to our luxury accommodation for an erotic wife massage.

He started his sexual conference call ( she was laying on her stomach with no clothes on),I was watching a stranger massaging my wife,I loved it while she was lying naked.It was really exciting. I started masturbating. He started massaging her back and worked his way down to her ass and legs. I could tell my wife was very turned on ( I touched her pussy and it was soaked, plus her clit was very swollen and she has an extremely large clit). He then started massaging her pussy and ass. I made sure I had a better view for this, there was a very large amount of pre-cum from my dick. He then turned her on her back and licked her tits and pussy. While this was happening she sucked my dick. I asked her if she wanted to fuck him, she hesitated, so I said no (I don't think we're ready for that - yet). I then had an orgasm all over her face and she did as well while he massaged her clit. we spoke afterwards, and agreed that the experience was better than expected and wanted to do it again. I would love to watch her fuck a stranger next time, but have to see if it's right after wife massage.

We've done it now a total of 3 times. The first 2 times were from ads on internet, whereby someone comes over for a fee (ranges from $20 to $50) and basically does whatever you want. We then posted an ad on an affiliate website of sex named MANJAM. It's a website for the sexual inclined. Our id is couple4uu, if any of you want to look us up. Any way, we received about a 15 responses from men that want to massage my wife, we picked one person to do this. Basically, We were looking for someone that was not aggressive, yet into giving wife massages etc...

The experience of wife massage stories was great, the guy was extremely considerate and gave a great erotic massage. My wife was still very turned on from the experience. It is such a turn on watching the woman you love lay completely nude and have another man touch her. This time we fucked when he was finished massaging her. She was on top. As I was fucking her, he had his tool in her asshole. I could tell she was very excited. Then he fucked her hard, as she was on top of me, his penis kept bumping her ass. I found out afterwards this turned her on. I came inside her, after I came he came all over her ass and back. It was very exciting for both of us. We are now deciding on the next guy for wife massage story.


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