Tahiry may not have sex with you but she will let you do this instead

Tahiry The Brilliant Idiots
Before clicking play, do know that the language is pretty explicit. Anyone at work, school or a public place may want to consider plugging in the earphones first.
Now, down to business.
Special guest Tahiry “of Love & Hip Hop NY” (or Budden’s ex as I prefer to think of her) sat down with Andrew Schulz and Charlamagne Tha God for their The Brilliant Idiots show and the talk was “exciting” to say the least. Being fat, emotionally disturbed sex and signature sex moves were all topics of discussion. However, the most entertaining bits may have come from a segment where…aww f*** it, just check the choice quotes below. If you don’t want to watch the video clip or the full audio below it after that, that’s a personal choice.
– “I love it (cum) on me.”
– “I would be fine with being your teddy bear, cuddling with you and jackin’ off.”
– “I like to watch men jerk off.”
– “He’s going to lie to you cause he’s selling his dream, cause he heard you say ‘oh you like balls?…’I got three of them.'”
– “I love playing with balls. Being in control is great so sucking, licking, it’s all good.”
tahiry interview
Oh, Tahiry.
Let me go ahead and put a pre-pause on these two statements: I have no idea how Charlamagne made it through the talk wearing sweats and neither one of these dudes was able to move a hand off their lap. I understand as most other men will as well.
But back to you, Tahiry. You deserve rounds, girl.


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